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25 Jan 2021
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Digitizing PAL music video 20 May 2022 18:10 #120683

Hi folks! So I've been learning a lot about video over the last few months. Very glad to be here and down this cool rabbit hole. My current project is a little complicated (at least for this newbie). I have a PAL VHS of a music video that was shot on film in the US at 24 fps and telecined with 2:3 pulldown, I assume, for video release. The tape I have is the official PAL VHS the record label sent to TV stations as promo with proper labeling, very different from a typical commercial release, but quite legit and rare. One of the cameramen from the video (shot in 1991 or 2) verified it was film, 24fps, and woudl have been telecined with pulldown. My next step is to get a multi-region VCR that I can run with an S-video cable into my Canopus ADVC110, which will go firewire to thunderbolt into my 2021 iMac on OS 11.6 and FCP 10.6.2. I use Topaz Labs Video Enhancer AI (VEAI) to deinterlace. Is there anything I can expect as I prepare to perform my first removal of pulldown? Will that actually work??? Thanks! J

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Digitizing PAL music video 20 May 2022 20:03 #120685

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The thing to understand is after all that effort and all those gymnastics your source video is still 240 line (NTSC signal) 3.0 mhz video. There's not enough data in the tape signal to do any significant pushing and pulling in post. The stuff will look beautiful on a CRT set but outside of that it will show its age.

Motion picture studios, with all their tech and money, cannot convincingly improve tape assets so don't expect your setup / method to get you more than maybe a 10% improvement over the original. The only way you can achieve any appreciable improvement is going back to the original FILM source material like these samples of tape vs 1080 demonstrate.

Think of it like this... VHS tape clips. It clips whites. It clips Blacks. It clips quality. Your transfer with the Canopus and firewire the best you can achieve would be a 216 mb transfer per minute. (Good luck locating a PAL deck or a multi-region player with S-Video output. Have 4 different PAL commercial decks here and NONE have S-Video out.) Transfers shown here weighs in at 1.1 gb per minute. You'd spend a lifetime of hours and bags of the clients money trying. I'll explain that to clients that don't want to 'redo' a transfer they already paid for once.

Here's more info about transfers from film:


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Digitizing PAL music video 23 May 2022 17:05 #120718

Thanks! The main thing I want to hopefully accomplish is to de-telecine it and remove the pulldown, if that's even possible. In a DVD MakeMKV capture of this (30 frames per second, unfortunately, instead of 60 fields per second), I can clearly see the B/C and C/D frames. FCP has an import option to remove pulldown, so I want to see if that works. Since I can't get my hands on the 35mm film (it's a mega-famous band's music video from the early 90s) I'm hoping this promo PAL VHS sent to TV stations in the UK will be as close as I can get.

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