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25 Jan 2021
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FCPX & PREMIER PRO ( In & OUT) - MINUS FAV 27 Jul 2021 12:12 #115547


I have been using FCPX for years now and love the feature where you drag all the files from shoot and all one have to do is see footage once , mark IN and OUT points and then Press F for Favorites, One never have to see that remaining part of those videos again once you select Fav. from the drop down menu and than only FAV part of all your clips are show,

Recently learning Premier Pro, I realized that YOU CAN make MEDIA LIBRARY big by ~ button and do make same markers IN & OUT with I & O key, however you can't mark them as FAV (:-

Does someone know how to do this , so I can only see all FAV part in media library
I can only import all the IN & OUT parts on Timeline ?

Sorry, I know this is not FCPX related but on Premier Pro forums, they don't understand FCPX ,Hence asking

Please help.

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