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25 Jan 2021
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A Hobbyist sharing his enthusiasm … 19 Feb 2018 17:33 #94230

Nothing to show or share (family videos) , but I'm impressed:
for my son's 18th birthday, I digged deep in my cellar for that shoebox full of minDV tapes, starting Feb/2000. And a smashed Sony camcorder (screen broken) = ~20y old mechanics… at last the power-brick was duck-taped to it (smart me then… :silly: )

Add an adapter cable from Shenzhen, for 8€ (don't ask for 'historic' Firewire in a local store)
… and a week or two (three?) importing in realtime:

ok, launching the Lib on my MacMini asks for a minute of contemplation… but then: +1.400 items at hand, skimming, navigating, filtering like that.-

Impressed, how FCPX handles that mess… mass of data, even on an underpowered system like mine…

yep, I'm aware, a Hollywood project handles x100 times more items … but, hey: 2012 hardware for 400€…

Finally found my 'raws' from 2005 of a never-finished StarWars fan-project with my son… ok, why not 12 years in the making? LOL…

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A Hobbyist sharing his enthusiasm … 20 Feb 2018 10:30 #94242

1453 clips ... Happy I/O and Favorite selection process and don't forget to keyword ;-)

I guess this means on your machine USB 2.0 and do wonder how you deal with your storage. But saw your other post with a 500GB SDD and " using it here as 'working horses', for long term storage I shovel data to some cheap 2.5" spinner… "
Currently I am using 2-3 WD my Book 4-6TB and sync folder pro for sync process for FCPX libs and lightroom pictures(www.greenworldsoft.com/index.php)

So far this works fine but every time I do run out of storage I am thinking about a different solution (not investing $$$). Working on 4K and single clips in the timeline works fine but when it comes to multicam clip and editing I get "warning" messages and playback is less fluent. iMac from 2015, 16GB, ... so do wonder whether a SSD would make more sense and then store the final project then on a HDD drive... or how do you manage multicam editing or is this more a CPU issue...

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A Hobbyist sharing his enthusiasm … 20 Feb 2018 11:04 #94244

1453 clips ... Happy I/O and Favorite selection process and don't forget to keyword ;-)

I guess this means on your machine USB 2.0 …..

Nope, the late 2012 MacMini is a connectivity wonder: usb3, firewire800, hdmi and dvi, …
The spinners are just for 'final' mass-storage; I tinkered an intSSD into the mini, and do have two usb3 connected extSDD at hand just for video-editing.
So, if anybody plans to 'digitize' his/her shoebox of miniDV tapes - get one of these 'universal' Macs! Connects the mechanics from two decades ago with present digital awesomeness of FCPX 10_4
(plus a cable, my DeLock brand not avail in the US, but similar cable and price for example here <<amazon link)

… yep, favorizing would be … weeks :woohoo: . Good news: miniDV-imports automatically give the timestamp as 'name', no silly 'clip001' for the umpteenth times; for my actual project, all I need to do is adding 'descriptions' in the Notes (vacation, grandparents, swim) tab for orientation… I do that right after import.-

Anyhow… what impresses me most, a data-base with +1400 items and skimming, at any speed, works. A riddle, how FCPX handles that that fast.

…me happy bunny ;)

… but even with the help of the Great Spaghetti Monster: I can't remember how I did the CGI stuff in 2006??? (not the bg in the pic above, that is 'borrowed' from a real SW movie, plus the meanwhile inevitable Lens Flares) You get many Star Wars props or free in several '3D' formats… did I use Blender?? mObjects?? … no clue, anymore. And what was the story?? … LOL

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