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25 Jan 2021
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My “Reality TV” Series - Editing feedback 02 Jan 2018 01:27 #92913

For almost a year we have been doing an “Off Road Reality TV Series Made For YouTube”..
Most of you probably wont be interested in the content (people off-roading and creating “reality TV drama”) but I would like some feedback on the editing and overall quality of the video.
This is episode #6:

Our hardware bag consists of:
1 iPhone 8 Plus
1 iPhone 7
2 iPhone 5s’
1 GoPro Session
1 GoPro knock-off ($30!)
1 DJI Phantom III Advanced
1 DJI Osmo
1 Nikon D5100 DSLR
1 Canon Mark5 DSLR

Approx 1,000 clips shot over 7 hours. Edited in 9 (10-14 hour) days on a Mid 2015 iMac, FCPX.

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My “Reality TV” Series - Editing feedback 02 Jan 2018 05:25 #92917

Hi Randy,

// prefix: I'm no pro, just an 'enthusiastic hobbyist', but confessing fan of formats like 'Deadliest Catch' or 'Goldrush' (guess, both a benchmark setters for that genre) … //

yep, content of your show doesn't hit my nerve … anyhow:

Sounds insane, to call a 99% freehand recorded show 'bad leveled' … but it is ;)

… or, as reference, people standing 30° cranked …
have to admit, I'm the guy, leveling pic-frames when entering a room LOL!

Speaking of levels …
two shots, within seconds:

a) the 2nd one has a really bad exposure - whites completely blown-out/flat lined, blacks at~10% IRE …

b) the people are orange … just beginning with CC with curves and stuff … don't know how (yet), how to give them that nice tan as in the ref shot … but I'm just starting. Guess, a 'format'/8bit vs10bit problem too?

c) tail-to-head edited, such miss-matches get very obvious. Plus, that 2nd shot is out-of-focus … the protagonist is, not the stones&rocks… probably a 'darling' due to audio, but a clear 'rejected', hm? cut-away, off cam, L-cut …?

d) … reflecting the gold-standards mentioned above: isn't the 'rule' in that genre
- show the disaster
- describe the disaster in your own words? (very obvious in those Orange County Chopper shows … what happened to them, by the way??Did father&son finally kill each other?)

you edit, voice:"and then two had to balance the car", and THEN you show two balancing the car … >> hmmm, doesn't your sequence kill the drama? As Uncle George, announcing every of his jokes with "this joke is funny! A rebbe enters the bar and …"

to make it clear: this is criticizing the last 2% to perfection!
… maybe I'll give it another chance, watching bored rich people how they destroy their toys DOES hit some of my nerves … ;)

Beautiful nature, to mention that! Get the cars out there! LOL :silly:

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My “Reality TV” Series - Editing feedback 02 Jan 2018 05:39 #92918

Thanks for the feedback.. It’s the closest to ‘pro’ feedback i’ve gotten yet..
Some of the items you mention are hazards of recording in an extreme and dynamic environment with non-pros using non-pro equipment.. The exposures and color balance issues are my biggest challenge.. I’m still learning, but jeeze, you should have seen some of the footage BEFORE i corrected it!
The rest gives me more to think about - thanks!

PS - none of these people are rich (ok, “muscle Mark” apparently is) but the rest of us/them are average/poor slobs.. and we dont destroy these Jeeps (it’s a “Jeep”, calling it a ‘car’ is an insult!) we ‘use’ them! A little scratch here or there or an occasional broken axle-shaft is all part of the fun.. just like buying a new 3-Wood or fishing reel.. “It’s a Jeep thing”

Thanks again.

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My “Reality TV” Series - Editing feedback 02 Jan 2018 07:06 #92920

… it’s a “Jeep”, calling it a ‘car’ is an insult!…

:silly: you're telling a Kraut what a 'car' is :silly:

No, sincere apologizes if I insulted you or your friends! … my weird humor (Germans and humor - an unwritten history).
Just two things while going parabolic off-topic:
We Germans are very eco-aware - while flying 300km/h in a 5l Audi Q7 on the Autobahn.
And – hmmm, conc. price a Jeep s no Kia, and it's a real '1st-world-problem' to climb rocks with a car Jeep, isn't it? ;)

Great you found some of my comments useful!
And have fun with your show and cars General-Purpose-vehicles=GP=spoken Jeep… :whistle:

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