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We all love free tutorials and new producer We Make Movies has wasted no time after the 10.0.6 update in publishing these eight. Get yourself a large coffee and enjoy some free training!

We did get an email yesterday pointing these out and they were scheduled for posting today. The authors beat us to it by posting on our forum, but we thought they were still worth publishing on our frontpage.

So many thanks to the guys at We Make Movies for these eight, we belive more are on the way.


1) FCPX: RED Workflow Part 01


2) FCPX: RED Workflow Part 02


3) FCP7 to FCPX Red Workflow part 01


4) FCPX: Audio Component Editing Workflow


5) FCP7 to FCPX Red Workflow - Part 02


6) FCPX: Using Redcine-X Pro To Grade Your RED RAW in FCPX


7) FCPX: Batch Renaming and Advanced Multicam Sync



8) FCPX: How To Make Your SFX Libraries Searchable in FCPX