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new nvidia card macpro

Want more horsepower for your Mac Pro to run Final Cut Pro X and other GPU heavy applications faster? This tutorial shows you how to install a beefy PC GeForce GTX570 HD 2560MB graphics card into your Mac. Adobe fans take note, the CUDA drivers will help speed up Premiere and After Effects.

This is exactly what we like on FCP.co: a reader experimenting to get more performance from his machine. Don't we know that FCPX will max out every GPU pixel shader & CPU cycle you have!

The range of approved graphic card upgrades for a Mac is limited and they're costly, which is slightly annoying as there are a lot of faster and cheaper PC cards out there. One such card is the nVidia EVGA GeForce GTX570 HD 2560MB GDDR5 SLI Ready monster. One reviewer says that render times in a 3D application were cut to 25% of the original.

So with the warning of should you wish to follow Fordee's upgrade example you do so at entirely your own risk, let's run the video!

We are pretty amazed that the LuxMark score of the new GTX 570 card was 578 compared to the original LuxMark score of a paltry 11 from the Radeon HD 4870. If you want to see some serious rendering power, check out the Luxmark resuts page.

Many thanks to FCP.co forum contributor Fordee for taking the time to work all of this out and produce the tutorial. After a whole day of having to quit FCP7 every 20 minutes due to out of memory errors, we hope that FCPX can keep on being turbocharged like this for maximum performance.

Here are the links that Fourdee mentions and please check your machine's model identifier before buying.


10.7.4 and 10.7.5 drivers for your GTX 570, it says they are for the Quadro card but they work for the GTX 570 as well.

Latest CUDA drivers for nVidia Graphics cards for Macs.

Netkas.org A resource to enable OpenCL on your EVGA nVidia GTX 570 Graphics Card because it's over 2.5gb. They have instructions on what to do for Mountain Lion as well.

Vidmuze  This site has a walk through on how to enable Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to recognize your new CUDA enabled GTX 570. Also a download to the text file shown in the video.

Luxrender.net A free OpenCL benchmarking utility that you can download to test your machines speed. Use the Advanced Render option when testing... you will get bigger results with the default scene (instead of the chair scene).

And finally Fordee adds "One more important note: When booting your computer, your screen will remain black until the OS boots... when you reach the login screen, video will display as normal."



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