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sharing projects fcpx lafcpug

At the recent Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group meeting, Steve Martin gave a demonstration on sharing projects using Dropbox with Mark Spencer who was in a remote location.

We have covered sharing FCPX projects before here on FCP.co, but this is slightly different. To prove the point that collaborative editing is possible, Steve Martin shares a project remotely via Dropbox and notifies Mark Spencer via Skype. Good to see some distance in the actual process rather than being demonstrated on a single machine.

The big news or maybe we should say the big lack of news from the meeting was that the other demo from Apple didn't contain anything we didn't know already. Maybe the billing slightly promoted the hour long presentation as something it wasn't. You won't find it on the LAFCPUG channel either as it wasn't taped.

Back to sharing projects, enjoy a slightly out of lip sync Steve in Los Angeles and Mark Spencer in San Francisco editing over the internet.