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40 minutes of update news from FCPX guru Larry Jordan when he presented at the recent meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group.

It was about this time last year when everybody got nervous about FCPX as some select people had seen the new app up and running and that sparked off rumours and comments everywhere. How things have changed in 12 months, we have had the release and a string of regular updates since then.

Larry Jordan returns to the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group to present the new features of the 10.0.3 update. In this first video, Larry shows re-linking of media, new support for layered Photoshop files and the new features in keying.

In the second part (Isn't it about time Michael became a YouTube Partner?) Larry digs into multicam editing.

As always, thank you to Larry for the demo and to Michael Horton for hosting the event.

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