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Although Mark Spencer looks like he's just about to play a large piano solo, he's actually describing rigging in Motion and how the effects are published in Final Cut Pro X. Advanced FCPX & Motion work here.

If you've been following the MacBreak Studio episodes, you'll know that the demos have gradually got more advanced as the series has progressed. In this new show, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin dig deep into the rigging possibilities that Motion offers when effects are published to Final Cut Pro X.

By using widgets & rigging you can control many different parameters in a Motion generated FCPX effect at once. From watching the video you'll get an idea that you can build some complex effects with different options very quickly using this method.

Many thanks as always to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer, don't forget to check out their excellent training books for FCPX and Motion.

Apple Pro Series : Final Cut Pro X
Apple Pro Series :·Motion 5


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