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There has been quite a bit of chat on our forums about Compound Clips in FCPX, so this new episode of MacBreak Studio is very well timed. Great advice.

As we live with FCPX longer and get used to its advantages and disadvantages over its predecessor, some features that were not so obviously useful are beginning to shine. Granted, we always had nests in FCP7, but as a lot of editors have horror stories about them, they were something to avoid.

So cue the usual couple of Mark Spencer and Steve Martin to show us how to use compound clips in FCPX. Very handy if you are doing either broadcast or commercial work that require sections of programmes to be repeated such as intro sequences.

Some great advice and tips from the MacBreak team, we do hope though that they fix the audio issues for the next batch that get recorded.

Don't forget to check out Mark & Steve's training books for FCPX and Motion.

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