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In this edition of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin show us how to record and edit a voice in Final Cut Pro X.

Yes another edition of MacBreak Studio and this time the boys are talking about the voice recording and editing capabilities in FCPX. Slightly ironic as we think they have still missed out Steve's mic on the production again, you can still hear him on the spill though.

We were quite fond of the voiceover tool in FCP7 having used it to lay down not only guide voice but also had many professional voiceover artists attend sessions too. One annoying thing was when it flipped onto a new track when trying to rock 'n roll a script together.

Watching the new MacBreak, can you not use FCP7 in exactly the same way apart from the range based altering of levels which is obviously new?  We will have to do some experimenting later today.

As always thanks to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer, don't forget to check out their training books for FCPX and Motion.

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