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There's bound to be a lot of expectation when you go on stage with a presentation entitled "10 things you might not know about Final Cut Pro X." Victor Maldonado gets a grilling, but that's not why we are posting the video.

Final Cut Pro X is still a new app to us all, some people know it well, some people know it very well. At the recent meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group, Victor Maldonado was presenting in front a crowd who knew FCPX and he was in for a tough time.

We came away from watching the video with a few things, deleting individual colour controls being one of them, but Victor managed to salvage the situation in the last two minutes. His tip on deleting FCPX preferences in Lion is not to be missed and that's why we decided to publish the video.

So thank you Victor, we didn't know that about Lion and it will definitely save us some time when we go looking to reset FCPX.

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