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A slightly different MacBreak studio for you this time. This is the 'Directors Cut' or the version you would find in the extras on a DVD. FCPX color correcting, keying and a lot lot more.

This is two episodes of MacBreak Studio rolled into one and everything in between! In this hour fifteen long video, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin present two episodes on color correction and keying. The cameras keep rolling and you'll see all the chat in between including an in-depth look at how MacBreak Studio is shot, comprehensively described by Alex Lindsay.


If you want to go straight to the demo segments, then these happen at 4:17 and 37:00. As always some really good tips in there for us FCPX editors. We were also curious to hear Alex's comments on real world Final Cut Pro X speed & usage at 17:15.

Don't forget to check out their training books for FCPX and Motion.

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