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Last week when the 10.0.1 update was announced, 'Roles' seemed to be the answer to exporting your audio out of Final Cut Pro X to another app for post. Does this new 'Media Stems Export" method replace OMF?

We have to thank Micha Schmidt for taking the time to experiment with the new Roles and Media Stems Export features in FCPX. He actually rebuilt a part of a documentary he'd just finished in FCP7 to see if roles would take over where OMF provided the functionality in previous versions.

Apple says:

"Traditional, track-based editing systems require you to constantly rearrange and disable tracks to export audio and video stems. With the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, flexible metadata removes the burden of track management. Use the new Roles tag to label clips — dialogue, effects, music, and more — then export a single multitrack file or separate stems based on your tags. You can even apply Roles to video clips and graphics for a powerful new way to deliver separate files for versioning and localization." 

"Well alright ... now how does that work in the real wold?

Well that "tutorial" turned out a bit long but i really want to show you how Audio Roles / Stems are working in FCPX ... so i tried some basic stuff first and than it got "messy" ;) 

I used a short part of a Doco I finished a few days back in FCP7 so I could compare it to the OMF export LogicPro session ... I did re-edit that short part (or some parts) of that 30 min Docu in FCPX ... so that is a real project / footage ... hang in there ... oh and sorry for the german accent (still) and the german voice over & interview in that project"