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Given a month, most of us can edit together material into a pretty good storyline. But what if you have to present the result on the same day? Welcome to the same day edit (SDE)

We are no stranger to editing close to the wire here at FCP.co, in fact we have just returned from a job for a major US sports broadcaster where the final result goes to air 15 minutes after you've finished editing!

Same day editing happens in more situations than broadcast, take the wedding video market for example. Stillmotion together with the Canon Learning Centre have put together this video showing us a few tips when time isn't on your side.

"How do you shoot, edit, and tell a meaningful story when it's a race against the clock? in this tutorial, we take look at our thought process when it comes to putting together a same day edit (SDE), finding the mini-stories, soundtrack selection, and how to generally speed up your editing."