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When we first saw this video we thought "Why would anyone want to make music in Final Cut Pro X?" Then after watching the tutorial we realised that FCPX has some pretty powerful audio tools built in.

We have to thank CreaVidea for posting this on our forum, but we thought it deserved a bigger billing here on the front page as there aren't many audio led FCPX tutorials on the internet yet. You might have read before that we are fans of Ableton, the music production and remixing tool that uses loops. This method of music construction in FCPX isn't far off that concept.

We are not suggesting for one moment that you use FCPX to compose the next best selling platinum album out there, the method just might come in handy if you need a bit of bubble or underlay music to run with video. Instead of having to slice up the music track into or on bars, you could build a bed to the exact length and tempo needed right in your favourite editing application.

We don't know where the loops were imported from but a good starting place would be to see what could be pulled from Garageband.

"Use Final Cut Pro X like a software to make music it may seem crazy, but the much discussed potential of this program are yet to be discovered not only in the video, but also in the audio. Out of curiosity I started to experience some things with the audio tracks. And in the search for the original soundtrack I had the idea to use large potential of FCPX data base to create a library with audio loops that can be used easy and fast when I need it. Several were the pleasant surprises I've had. First of all, the possibility to synchronize loops with nitrate and rhythm different from each other in a simple and "visual" way. In this video tutorial I'll show you some of the steps that led me to compose a soundtrack for a video I was looking for. I'm not saying FCPX can go to replace programs like garage band qbase, Logic or others were born to do this ... but it certainly allows those who know little, to create music in a fast and "visual" way. Maybe those of music know will be able to discover unexpected things ... the discovery of you!."

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