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Wes James (AKA the NLE Ninja) has produced a set of nine tutorials wrapped up into a 40 minute video. No FCPX, no Motion, just layers, effects and rendering!

Full credit to Wes for continuing with FCP7 whilst everyone around him seems to be kicking out FCPX tutorials. He seems to have hedged his bets slightly with Premiere & Avid ones coming up shortly!

In this 40 minute tutorial, Wes shows us how to build 9 effects in Final Cut Pro 7

Magnifying Wipe w/ Lens Flares- starts @ 3:27

Video Unstacking: starts @ 7:47
Logo Reveal/Zoom Out: starts @ 12:00
Horizontal Wipes On/Off: starts @ 15:23
Crop Stopping: starts @ 20:00
Image Mask Video Feedback: starts @ 21:58
Home Improvement Effect: starts @ 26:27
Instant Replay Screens: starts @ 32:17
Multiple Videos Inside of Extruded Text: starts @ 36:06