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We know that that the lack of multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X is one of Apple's top priorities to fix in an update. But what if you have a multicam job to edit and you don't want to use FCP7?

The obvious question is why not use FCP7? Apart from the answer of not owning it or not having it installed, there are a few other scenarios where you need multicam in FCPX.

You could have multiple takes of a pop video shot on a DSLR and you don't want to wait for the ingest and transcoding via a plugin or compressor. Or maybe you have multiple DSLR angles from a wedding that need to be put together quickly.

We do a lot of multicam work in FCP7 that is just two cameras and making a multiclip takes too much time. We use the "line 'em up and slice 'em up" method, which can be pretty quick and gets the job done. Would this approach work in FCPX? We thought we'd have a look at other editors' workflows for multicam.

We start with Ben from BXfilms.tv who cuts music videos on FCPX.


The problem with Ben's method is that you can't see the camera angles underneath, so you run the risk of missing a piece of action from another track. FXmah has a solution to that, one we used on a broadcast job with FCP3 quite a few years ago.


Neither of them have shown the trick of automatically lining up your media in FCPX with the Synchronise Clips feature. Luckily Bill Savage had the same thought and comes to the rescue with this tutorial. 


We can see the synchronise/break apart routine being pretty powerful, especially if Apple expand it into true multicam switching. It will also be interesting to find out if FCPX will allow multicam work with the proxies whilst the media is converting. Let's hope for an update soon.

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