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How does a free one hour tutorial on FCPX to get you started sound? This offer comes from Michael Wohl who has announced his range of Final Cut Pro training videos. He also has some intersting comments about our new NLE.

When you have the likes of Herbie Hancock and Pete Tong giving you testimonials on your website, then your products must be up to a pretty high standard. (ed- I'm still tinkering with Ableton)  Michael Wohl has published an hour of free FCP tutorials online as an introduction to more detailed tutorials coming later.

Watch Michael Wohl's free 1 hour Final Cur Pro X 101 overview and Quickstart.

We are a bit puzzled by the tutorials as it says some of the sections are free, yet we can play all of them without registration. Maybe this might change so watch then quick!


Michael also goes into detail about his thoughts on FCPX.

"Well, it’s important to say that Final Cut Pro X is not a new version of Final Cut. To call it that is to misunderstand everything about it. It is a brand new piece of software. So much so that in my humble opinion, I think Apple would’ve had a better time of this if they just named it something completely new. And I think the audience reaction would be more uniformly great. Right now we’re seeing a very mixed reaction.

Make no doubt about it, Final Cut Pro X is an amazing piece of software. There are tons of really cool features, and I’ll tell you a about a couple of specific ones in a second. I think that there is an expectation problem where people want to pick up right where Final Cut 7 left off and you’ve got to realize that was a 10-year-old piece of software that was never going to survive another 10 years. It needed to be reinvented. And I think they did a bold and difficult thing to do this complete reinvention. Inevitably there’s going to be a lot of disappointment along with a lot of excitement.

That being said, I think there are quite a few really nice, new features in Final Cut Pro X. I’m not referring to the obvious, flashy ones, like the Magnetic Timeline—the way things move out of the way when you drag them around—I’m not really impressed with that. I mean it’s cool and it looks good and for some editors it’ll prevent a certain number of mistakes. But one feature I love to use in reality is Auditions, where you can skip through multiple versions of a single shot or multiple effects on a single shot and you can very easily swap those out right in the middle of an edit. Some of the audio effects that have been adopted from Logic and that are integrated into Final Cut Pro X are a big improvement.

I also think the overall metadata architecture is great. I do have mixed feelings about it because there are certain aspects that are incredibly powerful and easy and will really improve the user experience. At the same time there are other aspects of it that are going to force users to do more work upfront. You know if you don’t enter a lot of metadata: notes, scene information and descriptions then it’s going to be a lot harder to work with your media in Final Cut Pro X, especially on large projects. But if you do enter all that data, things are going to be really nice and smooth.

There’s certainly a lot of work that Apple’s going to need to do to bring this up to the feature list and user experience level of FCP 7. That really took up to 15 years (including development time) of refinement, tweaking and getting all the little nuances right and making the user experience unparalleled. FCP X doesn’t have all that yet, and it’s going to need some time to grow into that level.

To put it another way, FCP X is going to be incredibly useful and is going to be everything you would want for a good 70% of the users out there. For people migrating from iMovie, people new to video editing, people working on simple projects where they need to quickly and easily get their editing done, this is going to be an amazing tool from Day One.

For people doing more serious ‘professional’ projects, it’s still pretty close. You know, it’s not far away. But there are some real obstacles to it being up to the level of Final Cut Pro 7."

Read the full interview with Micahel Wohl

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