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There are built in tools for tracking within Final Cut Studio, but there are times when you need something a bit more powerful. Just watch this fast demo of Mocha AE working with FCP to put images onto an iPhone screen.

If you've worked in the business long enough you will have had to do a screen replacement VFX shot at some point. There are point trackers within Motion that work well but won't give you the spot on accuracy that a planar track will produce as illustrated here. Tracking is never about the first 95%, it is always the last 5% that makes it believable. Mocha AE is a planar tracker from imagineer systems that produces quick and accurate tracking data that can be imported into Final Cut Pro.

We were very surprised to see that a single licence of Mocha AE retails for under £100. This is amazing power for the money and we will be purchasing a copy should we have to replace screens (6 shots done last month) again.

In true Job's style, 'Buckle up" and enjoy the tutorial.

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