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Well according to FCP Towers, my article on the subject above had some good hits/tweets so I thought it might be interesting to write an update after digesting the FCP Sneek Peek. 

After a week of thinking (and dreaming) about FCPX, I am very excited.  I am primarily an editor, a cutter; and the changes to the timeline alone seem to be immense. There will be naysayers of course but when I moved to FCP from Avid in 2002 there were a lot more naysayers than there are now!

Change in this industry is an inevitability. I think the initial learning curve of FCP just got a lot less steep.  The price certainly just got a lot less steep.  So the two main barriers to entry to FCP for a lot of people have been lowered even more. This means more students, more kids (the future),  more journalists (shudder), more artists, more bosses (the pursestrings), more everyone using FCP that ever before.

For training, this is fantastic.
For anyone working as a finsher/onliner on FCP, this is fantastic.
For almost everyone this is superb news.  Apart from the grumpy naysayers of course.

So my tips…

Tips 10 – 8 Saving

Well strangely enough, I think these tips will still stand as they just involve the simple saving and naming of files, common to all good computer practice; the actual procedures may change a little but overall the concepts should remain.

Tip 7 Importing

No hint from Apple yet on “ingest” apart from that it will be a background process but if this follows the iMovie principles, there will be media automatically created/transcoded on ingest. This may be a lot more prescriptive about where it goes in terms of scratch disks and probably a lot simpler.  (See Tip 2 below).

Tips 6 & 5 Rendering

Bye bye RT Extreme (it seems).  My one comment, I do hope we will be able to turn off automatic rendering and that there is a good render file clean-up tool. I suspect real time audio track playback may remain as a preference.

Tip 4 Rountripping

No idea how we get into and out of Motion at the moment, but I suspect that roundtripping may remain with us a while longer.

Tip 3 Speed favourites

Speed changes seem to have been completely redesigned, certainly at the front end. This looks amazing but as yet no sign of any keyframe graphs, (much-loved by professional editors).

No hint about saving favourites and/or preferences yet either or the extent of customisation potential.

Tip 2 User accounts

My user account tip for different projects is probably the single most useful tip I ever tell people.  Even if FCP is a complete rewrite, this tip will remain gold.

Tip 1 Maintenance

I imagine steps 1 and 2 will remain the same but we may be saying goodbye to the FCP Prefs file.

Alex Snelling


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