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Everyday new FCP tutorials are being added to YouTube, some of them good, some not so good. But, is there such thing as a bad tutorial? (Yeup we've seen Rob's) We think the whole training scenario is changing and us die hard broadcast editors are in the minority. Cue debate.

We're pretty sure a lot of people are going to disagree with what we are about to say here:

"There are no bad tutorials out there."

But hang on we hear you say, some of them are made by kids as young as eight, some don't show any shortcuts and some are using FCP in a way it's not really been designed for. That brings us on to exactly our point, FCP is now a mass production tool and that means that people will be using it in whichever way they can to produce the result they want.

This morning we came across a set of FCP tutorials uploaded by a lady who clearly enjoys editing. We found her Adobe updater icon, bouncing in the dock, to be highly annoying throughout the tutorial and she mentioned broadcast safe as being 'above the black line and below the white line.' For her though, it doesn't matter and she gets results that she's happy with: That is the key, it's about results, not how you get there.

We think we all have to remember that the majority of FCP users are not outputting an HDCamSR tape for broadcast, the majority of projects end up on the wild west web. Out there levels don't matter, Sherif YouTube & Deputy Vimeo aren't going to throw you in jail for technical problems or glitches, what's the worst thing that could happen? Nobody watches.

Also this morning comes a report from the Wall Street Journal indicating that video post production services is one of the top ten dying industries. It might be dying in the traditional facility house model, but everywhere else it is exploding.

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