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I feel a bit of a theme coming on here. 'Tutorial Tuesday' ok, maybe not, but we do have tutorials stacked up like planes coming in to land at Heathrow on a friday night. First up is Izzy with his amazing 7 hour collection.

izzy_portrait-1-300x200If you've ever made a tutorial for a piece of software you will know how long it takes. So full credit to Israel Hyman (Izzy) for publishing this beginner course.

We always like to feature new tutorial makers and this package is the first in a series. His other tutorials, some for Final Cut Express require purchasing but all look to be under $50.

What does worry us though is the fact that these will have a limited life span. If the new FCP has such a revolutionary GUI, then we will all have to make our tutorials over again! Thanks again to Izzy for this set though, I'm sure it will help beginners get to grips with our favourite NLE, version 6 or 7!.

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