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Back in 2012, we featured a book about delivering for broadcast by Craig Russill-Roy. Seven years on, he's back with more tutorials, including how to layout a commercial in FCPX the correct way for delivery.

Craig's book 'Broadcast Delivery 101' set out to clearly explain how to deliver assets for broadcast television. Seven years on, things have changed, although the book is still available on Apple Books.

A couple of days ago, Craig got back in touch to say that he's been busy uploading tutorials (on delivering for broadcast) to YouTube. He's been busy in the commercial delivery world, currently he is the Director of Advance TV at PEACH (Merge of IMD and Honeycomb). There's really good background information on Craig and his history in the previous article.

He's planning on releasing many more tutorials this side of Christmas, but the two that caught our eye are below -

Episode 26 - Creating a United Kingdom Commercial Build 2019

Episode 25 - Video Legalising for Commercial Delivery 2019

Definitely a YouTube channel to bookmark and subscribe to, check back regularly!


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