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It's the beginning of May, a solid date with no timezones or seasons to get wrong around the world this time! Also a good excuse for a roundup of the latest FCPX tutorials.

We will start with something a little bit different as it hasn't happened yet. We had a break promoting Steve Martin and Mark Spencer's MacBreak Studios a while ago due to the interference of a third party. Time to get them back on FCP.co.

As you might be aware, Steve and Mark now present a live hour long show every other week on a Thursday. So hopefully the embedded box below will go live on Thursday at 1100 PDT and 1900 BST. Also hopefully the 'recorded' video will remain in the page as well. 

We have to admire Steve and Mark for going live with so many FCPX editors watching, waiting to chip in. They have also contributed so much knowledge to the community, if ever there was an FCPX 'Hall of Fame' they would be the first to be inducted!

Next up is a tutorial that has happened! Ever thought more could be done with the Ken Burns tool in Final Cut Pro X? You thought right and the tutorial below explains a few techniques which haven't been published before. They can add a lot more impact to a basic zoom in.

Emilio Taras is getting some very healthy viewing numbers for his Final Cut Pro X tutorials on YouTube. We promised him we would feature one of his tutorials, but we think we should add two.

The first is about creating a 'dolly zoom' in FCPX.

The second is a shorter and possibly less glamorous tutorial, but good information on secondary storylines.

OK, how about 10 Premiere tips? Not really, but there has been some translating going on between NLEs. Oliver Wright takes Peter McKinnons' top Premiere tips and shows us the FCPX equivalents. All without crashing either.

Serge is back and this time he's building camera whip transitions for FCPX without the need for plugins.

Finally, if you own a DJI Osmo Pocket then take a look at this tutorial from Pascal Basel. Especially handy if you use the D-Cinelike color profile.

We are probably going to add to the list, so make sure you come back to check. 

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