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What did you think you were going to do today? If like us, you start watching this excellent end to end Final Cut Pro X film editing masterclass, you'll find yourself still at your computer an hour and a half later. This detailed, fast paced demo is essential viewing.

A complete contrast to yesterday's YouTube video (that got taken down), this time there is a lot to learn. You might be a beginner or an FCPX 'ninja' (from the demo), whatever your level, there is always something to gain from watching other people work the app that you work.

Many tutorials get criticised for not showing the whole process of editing a film. Not this one. In this hour and a half, Film Director John Williams takes you through a complete workflow, from initial concept to final colour grading.

We have to thank John, Soho Editors and Guildhall's Electronic Music Department for putting this together.

One to bookmark to have ready to show to any FCPX doubters. Better still, let's try to get this video out to as many people we can!


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