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A few days on, the jetlag has gone, so maybe an ideal time to reflect on a very busy few days at last week's FCPX Creative Summit. 


Maybe the timing was no coincidence, but hosting the second FCPX Creative Summit the day after the 10.3 update provided everybody with lots to talk about.

This time, the whole event was held at the Juniper Hotel in Cupertino, rather than a separate hotel and conference location in San Jose like last year. The event rooms were also right next to reception which meant everybody was always in close proximity.

The night before it seemed like the entire online FCPX community had turned up at Armadillo Willy's BBQ for a meal. Ronny Courtens & Nouche, please attend next year!

fcpx creative summit 1


Friday was the day of large presentations. It was good to hear directly from John Requa, Glenn Ficarra and Jan Kovac about the editing of Focus and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on FCPX. Jan showed us a scene from WTF and how the edit was built up from the multicams, VFX and temp sound.

fcpx creative summit 3


fcpx creative summit 2


We then had presentations on VR with Duncan Shepherd talking about his recent Paul McCartney VR work, Ché Baker and his independent film Blue World Order and the excellent Chuck Braverman who has an almost endless knowledge of filmmaking & post production.

Then it was time to visit the Apple campus where we were taken through the new features in FCPX, Motion and Compressor by the Apple team. The DeAnza Theatre was packed.


What the attendees didn't realise was that Apple had set up new MacBook Pros outside the theatre so that everybody could have a go with the new Touch bar.


That evening, the Summit Cocktail & Expo Event was held, a sort of mini Supermeet that was open to everybody, not just conference attendees. Richard Taylor walked around the event with an iPhone.


Then the next two days were rammed full of good presentations in three different rooms. It was difficult to choose sometimes which presentation to go and watch.


The presentations were not recorded, so unlike the recent FCPX Tour and the upcoming FCPX World event, they will not be published online. You had to be there. Yeup even 50 year old editors got a chance to present.  


So what was the overall impression? It felt that things had moved on from last year. There was unanimous praise for 10.3 which seems to have been echoed online. Editors were very keen to go back home and put it through its paces on a real job.

There also seemed to be a great camaraderie amongst the attendees. Everybody was willing to help out, to listen to other people's problems or stories, or just soak up as much info from every source possible. Everybody learnt something and that is the most important thing.

FMC, Denise Miller and Jeff Greenberg did a great job of putting the event together and we really hope there will be the third FCPX Creative Summit next year. If you missed it, you missed out. If you can manage to attend next year, we are sure you won't be disappointed. Save up your pennies, pester your boss, make it happen. We will hopefully publish a date for a potential 2017 meet when we get the info.

Highlights? Being invited on to the Apple Campus for the presentation and trying out the new Touch Bar with FCPX. Watching Thomas Grove Carter slash a 60 second commercial down to 30 seconds in 30 seconds. Talking to other attendees who normally don't get a chance to talk.

Nothing however will beat the late night huddle of FCPX enthusiasts around Mike Matzdorff's laptop on a rainy night in a Palo Alto mall car park. The banana emoji role was invented.



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