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Today we spotted an editor on Twitter complaining that there wasn't a heart wipe built into FCP. The good news is that there is one, hard to find, but there is one. If you really have to use one find out where it lives after the break.

In my whole editing life I've only used a heart wipe on one job, honest. That was an in store promo for a large retailer of girls clothes that was due to run over the valentine period. That wasn't using FCP but I feel better for the confession.

So If you have your client demanding such a cutting edge effect where is it? You would think it would be clearly labled in the transition section, wrong. Doing a search for 'heart' won't find it either. It is actually buried as a dropdown option in the Iris wipe of the QuickTime transition section.


So there you go, not the best looking wipe in the world, but it just might come in handy once in a lifetime. Can't help you with a Kiki legs wipe though!

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