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Back to a full week in the office and what could be better than four great Final Cut Pro X tutorials hot off YouTube. Thomas Grove Carter shows us his tips, tricks and shortcuts when he uses FCPX to edit an Audi commercial.


We hope our friends in the US had a nice Thanksgiving break and are back in the office ready to watch more workflow videos. We’ve got a brand new batch of Final Cut Pro X clips from the FCP Exchange workshop series, which you can learn more about here.

These new videos were produced by Alex Snelling with Thomas Grove Carter from Trim Editing in London in collaboration with FCPWORKS and FCP.co. They follow Thomas as he edits a commercial for Audi.

For the first video, Thomas gives his insights on selecting and organizing footage within FCPX.


In this next clip, Thomas demonstrates various ways to maximise Clip Connections, one of the unique and often misunderstood features of Final Cut Pro X’s magnetic timeline.


Thomas is a working editor in the fast-paced world of commercial post. As such, he often finds himself against a deadline with a producer calling the shots as he works. In this video, he shows how to make changes to an edit while simultaneously playing it back.


In this final video, Thomas dives into FCPX’s Retiming Editor, which he uses both to set specific timing and for creative effects.


You can see much more of Thomas’ work over at Trim Editing. The completed Audi commercial for the RS 3 Sportback from these demos is here.

We hope this clips help show off how FCPX is radically different from other NLEs out there. Please feel free to share them. You can also discuss FCP Exchange in our special forum section, co-moderated by Noah Kadner from FCPWORKS.

Keep checking back with FCP.co for the latest news about the next FCP Exchange event, currently scheduled for March 2016 in Los Angeles. And of course NAB is around the corner too…



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