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November free tutorials fcpx

Four great free tutorials for you. We start off with a handy trick to add motion blur to projects and timelapses, then we look at spotting sound effects using clip connections. We finish with this week's MacBreak Studio taking sound from Final Cut Pro X into Logic Pro X and the latest episode of FCPX in under five minutes.


We start with a tip sent in from from Florian Gintenreiter about adding motion blur in Final Cut Pro X.

 "During an edit I did in FCPX recently I stumbled across something so exciting that I want to share with you, so I made some room in my schedule to do this little writeup and a short video."

This is great tip from Florian and even better when you realise that it can be applied to timelapses to make them look more fluid. Very clever and much kudos to Florian.

More information about motion blur in FCPX and his effects for download can be found on Florian's website FCPX.at.


There are some things that happen in Final Cut Pro X that when you find them out, you appreciate the amount of thought that has gone into the design of the program.

This tutorial from Geekco1 (does the Charlie Austin user give it away?) shows how the clip connection reflects the frame of the clip that the connected clip is connected to. All rather confusing, so it is much easier to watch the tutorial!

Here Charlie, erhem, Geekco1 shows how those connections can be used to add spot sound effects accurately.


We then take a look at this week's MacBreak Studio. Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how to prep a Final Cut Pro X timeline for export into Logic Pro X.


And finally, Steve returns for his second five minute tutorial on building superhero titles.