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MBS 28 10 2015

Ever lose an FCPX library somewhere on your hard drive? This week's MacBreak Studio will show you a trick to get them all organised. Plus we take a look at the first part of a tutorial on building superhero titles.

We lose FCPX Libraries, not necessarily large main ones, but transfer, test or copies of libraries. It can be a real pain to find out where all that hard work went!

On this week's MacBreak Studio. Marks shows Steve how to organise libraries into smart folders. A great tip that has many other uses.

Sound familiar? Yes, we posted the same tutorial here on FCP.co back in February 2014. Worth a read of the comments as they take the original thought further.



Steve returns for his five minutes on FCPX, although this time this tutorial is split into two. The first part starts showing us how to build superhero 3D titles in Final Cut Pro using only the tools and content within FCPX.



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