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Three lots of Ripple tutorials this week as the FCP.co office had a bit of a holiday last week. (The truth is we were editing flat out!) Two MacBreak Studios and a five minuter from Steve Martin.

Two new guests on MacBreak Studio take over from Steve Martin's normal position. As there was a whole raft of editing gurus at the recent FCPX Creative Summit, Ripple took the opportunity of inviting a few of them them onto the show.

We start off with Alex Gollner who tells Mark Spencer about auto adjusting backgrounds for titles made in Motion.



The previous week, Sam Mestman joined Steve Martin to talk about Frame.io, the online approval system that uploads dailies or project cuts direct to the internet.


Finally for this week, Steve Martin returns and this time he looks at recording audio using ClipMic Digital, a new microphone from Sennheiser that plugs into the lightning connector on your iPhone or iPad.


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