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MBS 2 6 2015

On a rather quiet week on the post production front, Ripple Training has just released two FCPX tutorials to watch. Adjusting audio with new tools and selective colour correction in FCPX.

Let us start off with the new episode of MacBreak Studio. Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer a few new tools in FCPX, although there is a catch to making shortcuts with them. A good spot of a bug from Steve!

You can of course just drag the line down on the clip, which will give the added benefit of producing fades on either end which will help smooth the junctions. A noise gate could also be applied.

Always good however to understand new functionality and we thank the guys for showing us how to use the new tools. 

If you would like to know more about audio in FCPX, , check out Ripple's Sound Editing in Final Cut Pro X tutorial.


Mark is back for his five minutes with FCPX and this week he looks at selective colour correction. If you would like to know more, check out Ripple's Colour Correction in Final Cut Pro X tutorial.



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