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may fcpx tutorial roundup

We love free tutorials for Final Cut Pro X and there seems to be more people making them every month. We take a look a the ones that caught our eye, make sure you have a large coffee ready!

We will start off with these three tutorials from Paul David Murray. You may recall he wrote this article on editing in DaVinci Resolve the Final Cut Pro way. He's back and this time he's produced a three part tutorial on the new 3D text features in FCPX. Each video is 10 minutes long

Part one.


Part two.


Part three.


One young FCPX editor even takes tutorial requests! In this video he builds a 'hologram display' A bit like Minority Report, but on a table.


NOandROfilms have been busy making FCPX tutorials. We have embedded a playlist of all 22 FCPX 10.2 tutorials, or go to their YouTube channel to play individual ones.


Mitchell Milliron has come across an oddity with opening up a synchronised clip in the timeline. He's also come up with a fix.


Finally, how could we forget the latest strand in Ripple Training's series of tutorials. This one is all about Compressor, not FCPX, but well worth including.



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