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ripple tutorial updte 18 november

Time to catch up with this week's three tutorials from Ripple Training. A way to select media on the magnetic timeline and how to fake parallax in Final Cut Pro X. Plus making a whiteboard animation in Motion.

We start off with the latest edition of MacBreak Studio. (We had this down originally as the Scottish version, McBreak Studio!) This week, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer a few ways how to select all media that is after a certain point on the FCPX timeline. Remember the T tool in FCP7? Well it's not in X, but a couple of these suggestions are good, if not better alternatives.

Great tips from Steve, we have been inserting gap clips for a while now as a way to push media down the magnetic timeline. It does take time to 'unlearn' old habits.

If you would like to know more from Steve & Mark, makes sure you visit their Ripple Training website for a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications.



Mark Spencer has his own five minute show and this week he teaches us how to create the impression a whiteboard is being written on.


Finally, Steve returns with a cheat. He shows us how to fake 'The Kid Stays in the Picture' effects by building fake parallax in FCPX.


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