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November tutorial update 2

Just over halfway through November and we have enough free FCPX tutorials to populate a second roundup. Avoid crashing when relinking, choose audio handles, delete stock effects, make multiple range selections and colour correction with S-Log2. Will we make it to roundup 3?

Let us dive straight in...

Dustin Hoye noticed that he and a colleague were getting crashes when trying to relink media when sharing FCPX libraries. He came up with a quick and easy fix 


Tutorial regular Dan Allen explores the four different types of audio handle that can be applied to the beginning and end of audio clips.


Have you ever used the curtain transition in Final Cut Pro? No? Do you never want to see it again? Lorenzo Vidali explains how to clear out any stock Apple transitions, titles, effects & generators you don't want to see every time you open up the effect browser.


Finally, Lee Herbet shows us how he colour corrected footage shot S-Log2 on Sony A7s.