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macbreak studio fcpx multicam audio

We have talked about multicam editing in FCPX many times here on FCP.co, but what about the audio? In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, that's exactly what the boys concentrate on this week.

There's no disputing the power of the multicam editing feature within FCPX, but the audio side tends to get overlooked. The 10.1 update to FCPX brought new multicam editing features and now you can treat the audio in a multicam clip just like a normal clip.

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to select, edit and trim the audio in a multicam clip. It is interesting that they group different takes in a multicam clip as this would be an ideal candidate for using an audition. And yes, before you ask, we have tried placing a multicam clip in an audition: It doesn't work!

As always, some great advice from the guys. If you would like to know more, then checkout the multicam training tutorial they mention in the video.

Multicam Editing in FCPX - 3rd Edition 




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