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Backups, not the most glamorous of subjects, but an important one. You'll never know how important keeping a backup is until you need it. Good job we have Steve and Mark on the team to tells us more.

In this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer talk about how backups work in FCPX. We've all lost projects and media before, so this episode is important if you haven't come across the backup features in Final Cut Pro X already.

Also good to see Steve putting his hand up and admitting a slight error in one of his tutorials. I think we can forgive him based on the huge amount of tutorials and help he publishes online for free!!

The two new Ripple Training courses that we published about here seem to be flying off the shelves. Well, if the internet had shelves that is. If you would like to know more from Steve and Mark, we highly recommend them. Also under full disclosure, we get a little cut which helps fund our rack of servers which is creaking under the ever expanding website traffic.

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