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macbreak studio multicam 4k

Number four in the series of MacBreak Studio's episodes on the new Mac Pro, this week they look at multicam. When we say multicam, we of course mean 4K multicam on the Mac Pro.

By now, we have all seen the Apple demo of playing 16 angles of 4K footage, but what is the Mac Pro like with a real 4K multicam project?

In this week's episode, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer explore what you can and can't do with 4K. One great tip that we didn't know was the turning off of the angle inspector if your machine isn't up to 4K multicam edits with optimised or original media. Another good point is you don't have to have a Mac Pro to 4K multicam if you are prepared to use proxy media.

To cut 4K Multicam, the guys are using:

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core AMD Dual FirePro D700 32GB RAM

Promise Technology Pegasus2 R8 24TB RAID




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