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macbreak studio 252

We continue with the series on the new Mac Pro. Episode three and the boys are testing out the FCPX performance on the shiny new Mac Pro.

What does anybody do with a new computer and drive? Run the Blackmagic Speed test of course! Our regular duo of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer get up to a bit more than that though!

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, they start off with basic tests but move onto the question that everybody wants to know, what performance will you get with the new Mac Pro? In an episode that's longer than normal, they run through the normal operations in FCPX, ingest, edit and share.

The kit that the guys have on the table:

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core AMD Dual FirePro D700 32GB RAM

Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display

Promise Technology Pegasus2 R8 24TB RAID



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