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macbreak studio andy neil

If there was such thing as a #FreeTutorialTuesday, it would be today. Not only do we the have latest episode of MacBreak Studio, we also have more free Final Cut Pro X and Motion tutorials from Andy Neil. Turn the Gaggia on!

We will start off with the latest episode of MacBreak Studio. Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how the Range Tool can be used for different editing purposes. We would disagree that using it for audio levels is faster than FCP7, but that is material for a different article!

For more great FCPX tutorials from Steve, make sure you visit the Ripple Training website.



We published four tutorials from Andy Neil yesterday, and he's been busy overnight publishing five more, two on Motion and three on Final Cut Pro X. A great resource, make sure you subscribe to him on YouTube.

FCPX INs and OUTs - Multicam Pt. 1


FCPX INs and OUTs - Multicam Pt. 2



FCPX INs and OUTs - Understanding the Event Browser


Motion INs and OUTs - Replicator Techniques Pt. 1


Motion INs and OUTs - Replicator Techniques Pt. 2


A big thank you to Steve, Mark and Andy for making these tutorials free for everybody.