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In this week's MacBreak Studio we have an appointment with Satan. Well almost, Steve Martin (not Satan!) shows us why Final Cut Pro X has an Adobe style 'Dynamic Linking' built right in.

We hated the way that FCP7 'locked' the access to files once they were imported. You couldn't write over them with any external application unless you forced them offline first.

Final Cut Pro X takes a completely different approach to file handling and in this new episode of MacBreak Studio, we find out how this ability can be used. Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how 'Dynamic Linking' or in Applespeak 'Roundtripping' works with Photoshop files and FCPX.

In Steve's words, yes it is 'Freaking awesome!'

To see more advice from Steve on Final Cut Pro X, head over to the Ripple Training website where they have a large range of tutorials from beginner to advanced level.