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You've got to love any article that has the word 'secret' in the title. It's that time of the week for the latest MacBreak Studio episode and both guys discover something new about FCPX.

FCPX has no tracks, we all know that, but how do you go about selecting all similar media in a timeline? Maybe lassoing clips is just to clumsy to get get everything selected.

In this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin a few tricks on how to select the clips you need. Actually Steve also shows a Mark a few tricks too! Lots to learn and it shows you never stop learning.

As always, many thanks to the guys from Ripple Training for producing another great tutorial packed with tips. 

To see more good information on FCPX, head over to the Ripple Training website where they have a large range of tutorials from beginner to advanced level.  


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