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Larry says your eyes lie to you and if you want to colour correct or grade properly, then you need to fire up the 'scopes in FCPX. That's exactly what he does and he also shares some great skin tone percentage range tips at the end too.

We always call Larry an FCP guru and at this recent presentation at the Creative Pro User Group in LA, he certainly takes the audience on a tour of FCPX's colour correcting ability.

There are many looks templates or colour correcting plugins out there, so it is good to see Larry using the built-in color board to get the results he's after. (Even though he prefers wheels over rectangles.)

We must admit, we were not going to watch the full 28 minutes, but Larry kept us hooked whilst we brewed and drank our first cup of tea of the day in the FCP.co office. Larry also quotes some great percentages for different skintones near the end of the video - have a pen and paper ready.

Want to know more? Larry has a shedload of great Final Cut Pro X tutorials from basic to advanced over on his website.

Many thanks to Larry for the tips and to Michael Horton of the CPUG for hosting the event.




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