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hands on FCPX DSLR

There is no doubt that the introduction of video shooting DSLRs has revolutionised the industry. Final Cut Pro X is perfect for the photographer who wants to get into video production. Calumet are running one day courses for 'hands on' DSLR & FCPX workflow. We also have a coupon code for discount.

There was a recent debate in the FCP.co office: "What has changed the business more, DSLRs that shoot video or the GoPro?" The DSLR camp won. 

Calumet Photographic, the high end equipment stores are hosting six exclusive full-day hands-on seminars across UK cities that cover the whole FCPX DSLR workflow in one day. This is perfect if you are a beginner in Final Cut Pro X (or DSLR for that matter) or if you have dabbled in editing but need some guidance to take you to the next stage.

It's also an excellent opportunity to get your hands on some state of the art kit as Calumet are supplying each delegate with a shiny new MacBook Pro Retina (only for the day!) If you haven't tried FCPX on one of the current batch of machines, this is your chance to experience the game-changing power of FCPX running off an SSD with full 64-bit grunt.

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The seminars have been prepared in close collaboration with Nikon, Atomos and Apple but will cover workflow for other cameras too. The hands on media will feature a variety of footage shot with the D800, D600, Canon 5D and 7D, Sony Nex5N and the full-frame VG900, even some Alexa and C300 material to play with and compare the quality. You will have the opportunity to work along with Apple Certified Trainer Alex Snelling with access to all the media on your own dedicated laptop.

By the end of the day, you'll have leapt over the initial learning curve and have a very good grounding in FCPX with a strong emphasis on the skills you need as a DSLR user.

Alex also intends to demo a live workflow from camera to output using the Ninja 2, discussing the benefits of recording directly to Pro Res and looking at some of the colour-grading and finishing options available.

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Topics covered will be:

Input, archiving, logging.
Demystifying audio in FCPX.
What is optimised media? When should it be used?
Syncing multiple camera sources.
Editing in the magnetic timeline.
Multicam editing.
Colour grading, finishing and output.

Each session will end with a valuable Q&A when you can quiz Alex on anything (within reason!).

FCP.CO readers have an exclusive discount code for 10% off the £99 price of any of the seminars (just enter the code "FCP" when prompted at booking), PLUS one person from each seminar will win a copy of the beautiful XEffects Camera Transitions pack from idustrial revolution.

The course will be run in the following cities:

The trainer, Alex Snelling is a veteran FCP editor and has worked around the world including twice with director Julien Temple. You can see more about Alex here. Alex is also Apple's most experienced FCP trainer in Europe and has watched the whole fcp product cycle and is a total believer in in the revolutionary power of FCPX. Here is an example of one of the projects that will be used on the day.



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