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With more and more of us shooting RAW images on DSLRs, what is the best way to handle them in FCPX? With a bit of help from Photoshop, this new episode of MacBreak Studio shows us how.

A Steve Martin explains, you cannot manipulate the RAW data of an image within FCPX, so you will have to partner it up with Photoshop.

We are used to pushing stills through Photoshop before we bring them in to FCPX as their size would tax the graphics card. But how do you keep the image 'live' so that the adjustments can be altered after it has been imported into Final Cut Pro X?

Our usual duo of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer give us some great tips on RAW image workflow and how smart objects are the key. The guys do know there is a problem with Steve's mic!

To see more advice from Steve on FCPX, head over to the Ripple Training website where they have a large range of tutorials from beginner to advanced level.  



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