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sam mestman FCPX RED

It's been a while since we featured a presentation from the LACPUG here on FCP.co. This is a good one, Sam Mestman from Lumaforge takes the audience through a 4K RED workflow on Final Cut Pro X.

We like presentations from people who actually do professionally what they present. Sam Mestman, the Chief Workflow Architect from Lumaforge takes us on a tour through their 4K RED workflow on FCPX. They key behind his process is not using proxies so there is no troublesome relinking of media down the chain. He also briefly mentions the other applications that he uses that supplement the FCPX to Resolve path.

This is a great 25 minute presentation from Sam who as you will see, knows his stuff. Don't be put off by the fact that he is handling 4K, there are some great tips in there for every editor.

Many thanks to Michael Horton and Dean Cleary for making the presentation available online and of course to Sam for sharing his knowledge. 



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