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april fcpx tutorials

With not much news on a quiet Monday, we thought that it was a good opportunity to take a look at the best free Final Cut Pro X tutorials that have been published this month.

Up first we have a short but informative tutorial from Ben Consoli on improving voice overs in FCPX. A lot of editors can make pictures look good, but a lot of times the audio lacks that polish. Using Voice Over Enhancement might just help get your dialog sounding better.

Ben was a guest at the recent Boston Creative Pro User Group and we hope to feature his presentation when it is posted. 


Next up is Chris Fenwick with a beginners look at the basic tools in Final Cut Pro X for colour correction. Worth a watch just for his first couple of lines in the video! A great example of making a mask for the sky too.


Whilst looking at his YouTube channel, we also found this video on making quick bullet points in Keynote and importing them into FCPX. We have done this on numerous broadcast projects with FCP7 and got great results with pie charts, so FCPX should be no different.


Another beginner's tutorial and this time the Web Video Chefs cook up a video on how to move a connected clip by using Option +Command click. It might be short, but it's one keyboard shortcut that we keep forgetting!


And lastly, our friend Dan Allen publishes a tutorial on disabling roles for export . He adds this new video to a rather impressive long list of free FCPX tutorials. Make sure you have a large coffee pot nearby!


There are of course many more Final Cut Pro X tutorials out there, but we picked the ones we liked that were produced to a professional standard.