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Feb FCPX tutorial roundup

As a contrast to last week's shenanigans and maybe because it's a holiday break for many, the FCP news has been a bit thin on the ground. A good time to catch up with the latest free tutorials posted and don't miss Larry Jordan's excellent film making story.

New FCPX tutorial maker ThatNikonGuy kindly put his camera down long enough to make a short series on the basics of using Final Cut Pro X. Check out his other videos for humorous vlogging on photography.

Final Cut Pro Basics, Importing and creating a new project.

He took the criticism on the chin here about the small icons and promised improvements on the next episodes.



Final Cut Pro basics - Adding text and transitions


Final Cut Pro basics - Exporting and compression for YouTube

(Although he has missed the share to YouTube directly feature as it looks like he's not on 10.0.6)


Creating a Split Screen Effect in Final Cut Pro

(Needs a bit of colour correction but the shooting tips are good)



Richard Taylor posted a short tutorial on how to make your own guides in FCPX without having to build anything in Motion. We wish Apple would implement this directly in FCPX as it would certainly add a lot of usefulness for a relatively small amount of work. 



FCP veteran (we mean that in the experience way!) Larry Jordan has published a series of excerpts from his training series and webinars for FCPX.

First up is Using Photoshop in Final Cut Pro


Secondly is How to Export a Multitrack Quicktime movie using Roles in FCPX


And lastly we couldn't let this rather superb story from Larry's heart go by. As he says, it changed his life. Too good not to share, especially for a Friday.

Superb, we shared that pain too.