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Andrew Gormley has launched his online training program called Visual Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X. This budget course is made even better by Andrew offering 100 discounts codes for 50% off to FCP.co readers.

We are all familiar with the big names and corporations when it comes to training for FCPX. They are not the only option though and as we always like to feature the smaller players in the market, we were very interested to find out more about Andrew's online lessons.

Andrew has used online learning community Skillshare to market his course which is discounted down from $40 to $20 for the first 500 applicants, then discounted down again to $10 with the coupon code FCPCO for the first 100 signups.

As Andrew says, you can download and use the trial version of FCPX for 'Visual Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X,' so this is a really low budget way of getting to grips with the app.


There sounds to be quite a bit of interactivity with Andrew on the course:

"As far as the class goes, it's actually a pretty cool concept: It'll take place over the course of three weeks and each week there will be approximately an hour worth of screencasts to watch on each part of the application. I based a lot of my teaching from the previous classes I've taught for other companies, so at the end I'm fairly confident the students would be prepared for at least the Level One Certification test, which I'll include info about in the final chapters.

At the end of each week I'll also encourage students to submit their work thus far which includes a rough cut, a polished cut, and the final cut of their work. We'll also have a live steam on Google+ each Sunday at 6pm where students can ask me questions directly and I'll give live feedback to everyone's work.

Students will have the opportunity to use any of the footage I provide them for the final cut to make it unique to them, but the first two cuts will follow along closely with what I'm showing them so they grasp the concepts. As far as the provided footage goes, it'll be a mix from the Philly Auto Show that's been taking place this week, a concert with headlining band The A's, and footage from a promotion I'm currently working on with The Academy of Natural Sciences here in Philadelphia."


Seems like a pretty good deal for just $10, so if you are interested then jump on the offer.

More from Andrew very shortly.



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